Our Values

Clients First
The company attaches great importance to its clients and works to consolidate relationships with them. We strive to understand their requirements and needs and work to better the livelihood of our clients by offering services that suit all levels of society.


Trust and Integrity
The real wealth of our company lies with strong client relationships at home and abroad, in addition to suppliers and partners. Transparency, credibility, and integrity form the basis of these relationships.


We will always communicate clearly with you
We are in constant communication with our clients and suppliers and always focus on transparency and accountability. We encourage an exchange of views and uphold a culture of equality, fraternity, and compassion.


Our Employees, Our Assets
The Company is continually working on staff development and furthering employee skills through training of the latest technologies. We also promote interaction between various sectors, which fosters a sense of staff belonging to the company and a desire to further work efforts. The company has also prepared sponsorship programs for qualified staff to help them develop professional skills with the goal of reaching optimal performance.


Everyone is on equal footing
The Company stands at the same distance from all of its employees and takes into account the principle of equal opportunity. We discover talented employees by offering opportunities and financial support, as well as creating a suitable environment for innovative ideas and their implementation. All of this is beneficial to the company in terms of the higher proportion of client satisfaction and higher productivity.


Quality and Speed of Implementation
The Company always encourages valuable ideas. We attach great importance on strengthening a culture of idea exchange and encouraging innovation in all business areas. There are large companies that have not reached the position that can only be achieved through constant development, discovery of good ideas, and an adoption and furtherance of these ideas. This must be done while not neglecting to maintain a balance between quality and speed of implementation.


Social Responsibility and the Basic Yield on Society
The Company is working on building modern and developed societies in order to enrich the lives of citizens and provide more work opportunities for each project that is implemented. The company stands by the government and local communities during times of natural disasters and always offers a helping hand.  We keep the environment in consideration and work on conservation and preservation efforts.

Egypt-Gulf for Investment & Development

The Egypt – Gulf Company for Investment and Development, S.A.E. (formerly known as the Egyptian – Kuwaiti Company for Investment and Development, S.A.E.) was founded in accordance with the applicable laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the provisions of Law No. 8 of 1997 of issuing guarantees and investment incentives, and the provisions of Law No. 159 of 1981 of issuing joint-stock companies with a capital of 3.8 billion Egyptian pounds paid from 381 million Egyptian pounds.

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