Our Vision

We aim to achieve the economic integration of the Arab Republic of Egypt and contribute to its economic advancement in agricultural activities. We are able to contribute to bridging the food gap in strategic crops, lowering the unemployment rate, and providing more employment to workers. We also aim to preserve agricultural land and increase agricultural exports. In terms of constructional activities, we aim to help place Egypt on the global financial map through the creation of a financial center in Al Ayat (Giza Province) and providing more than a million job opportunities during the initial project stage and 250 thousand permanent jobs following this.

Egypt-Gulf for Investment & Development

The Egypt – Gulf Company for Investment and Development, S.A.E. (formerly known as the Egyptian – Kuwaiti Company for Investment and Development, S.A.E.) was founded in accordance with the applicable laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the provisions of Law No. 8 of 1997 of issuing guarantees and investment incentives, and the provisions of Law No. 159 of 1981 of issuing joint-stock companies with a capital of 3.8 billion Egyptian pounds paid from 381 million Egyptian pounds.

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162 Haram St. Intersection of El Arish St. Giza – Egypt

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